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The Journal of Multimodal Rhetorics

ISSN: 2472-7318

Scraps from a Pandemic

Sophie Buckner

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Keywords: journaling, creativity, visual art and writing, watercolor, fragmentation, parenting, depression

Categories: Visual, Sonic, Tactile, Interactive Texts as Self- and Collective Care; Somewhere in Between: Grad Student Perspectives; Writing the Process of Writing

Note: “Scraps From a Pandemic” is an interactive website containing my fragmented writing alongside my own paintings from Spring and Summer of 2020.

As the reader clicks through the individual entries in the website, their screen fills with chaotic bubbles all while the video of my partner playing with my three-year-old daughter plays in the background. The chaos emulates my experience as I struggle to parent and write through a pandemic. During this time, I wade through doubts about whether or not my attempts at writing have any value at all. These doubts lead me toward visual expression through watercolor. In this project, I present my paintings alongside my writing and caretaking to provide a fuller picture of my creative efforts during the Covid pandemic.


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Sophie Buckner is a graduate student at UCONN and a mother of two. She studies the intersection of critical thinking and creativity. She loves to combine creative writing with academic work. This interest has led her to gravitate toward narrative methodologies in her research. 

Table of Contents